Vehicle Maintenance

You can lower the risk of breaking down on the road by maintaining your vehicle at Repair One in Spring/Klein, Tx. or The Woodlands, Tx. Vehicle maintenance not only keeps everything running smoothly, but it gives your mechanic a chance to inspect visual items to catch problems before they become problems.

When it’s time for your vehicle’s maintenance, call the shop at Repair One to schedule an appointment – you can wait in our comfortable waiting area, or if you are nearby, we can drop you off at work or at home.

Vehicle Maintenance at Repair One Auto Repair Shop

Vehicles require certain maintenance to keep running smoothly. Whether you choose the Repair One auto repair shop in The Woodlands, Tx. or in Spring/Klein, Tx., you can be sure that we will make sure everything is done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Maintenance includes:

  • Oil and filter change.
  • Lube, when applicable.
  • Transmission flush and filter change.
  • Air filter and cabin air filter change.
  • Coolant flush.
  • Brake fluid flush.
  • Power steering fluid flush.
  • Alignments.
  • Balance and rotate tires.
Vehicle maintenance being performed multiple bays at Repair One

While we have your vehicle, we’ll do a free visual inspection to make sure those items we can see are in good condition, including:

  • Normal and uneven wear on tires. Normal wear tells us when the tread is getting too thin to be safe in inclement weather. Uneven wear can show that your vehicle needs an alignment, has a suspension problem, or has too much or too little air in the tires.
  • Belts and hoses. We’ll check for cracks, dry rot and worn belts.
  • Suspension and steering issues, including issues with racks, gearboxes, tie rods, bushings and more.
  • Fluid leaks, including oil leaks, coolant leaks, power steering fluid leaks, brake fluid leaks and transmission fluid leaks.
  • Cracked or worn brake and fuel lines.
  • Bad brakes, including scored rotors and worn brake pads.
  • Loose harmonic balancer.
  • Problems with any visible wiring.
  • Broken CV axle boots and worn CV axles.

How Visual Inspections Keep You Safe

When we visually inspect your vehicle, we’ll let you know if we see upcoming problems. We will also let you know if the problem is something you need to take care of immediately, or if it is an upcoming issue that you can take care of in the next weeks or months.

For example, if we notice uneven wear on the tires, we can locate the problem and recommend the repair for it, which includes balancing and rotating the tires so that the worn tire doesn’t wear more.

We can locate leaks that could end up leaving you stranded or costing you thousands if you don’t notice them and repair them. A power steering leak could leave you without power steering when you least expect it. An oil leak, if not caught, could cause the engine to run too low on oil and lock up, destroying the engine. While you can add fluid to make up for the leaks, you can only do that if you know about the leaks.

Contact Repair One

When it’s time for maintenance on your vehicle, schedule an appointment at either one of our Repair One locatons.