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Starters and Ignition Repair For High-Performance Cars and Trucks

At Repair One our expert mechanics can handle the precision auto repairs high-performance drivers expect. Drivers count on Repair One to accurately reprogram automobile computers, outfit new cars and trucks with competition-grade ignition systems and upgrade starters for older muscle cars.

Starters and Ignition Repair
If you own a high-performance engine don’t overlook a starter that struggles to turn over. The intense engine compression ratio of high-performance cars can burn out traditional OEM starters that are unable to get a car or truck pistons to move up and down fast enough. Adding a high torque starter and ignition system can add the extra cranking power a high-performance vehicle needs.

In addition, high-performance engines take up more space creating less room for the starter. High torque starters are lighter and smaller than an OEM starter to provide increased ground, oil pan, and header clearance. 

A woman's hand starting a car, need ignition repair service.

Turn over your engine reliably in the driveway or on the track and let Repair One install a new high-amp battery and high-torque mini starter today.

If you are restoring an older muscle car, Repair One can help you keep the power flowing by adding state of the art digital ignition controls, a performance distributor, and low-resistance ignition wires. Rely on the mechanics at Repair One to revitalize your older car’s starter and ignition system with a new wiring harness, distributor cap, rotor and spark plugs. Stop by our auto repair shop in The Woodlands and discuss your restoration today.

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