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Auto Repair

Finding a reliable mechanic isn’t always easy. You never know who to trust, especially with the reputation that some auto repair shops have.

Our family-owned auto repair shop in The Woodlands, TX is staffed with ASE Certified auto technicians that blow mechanics with bad reputations out of the water. Repair One, The Woodlands, TX was founded in 2003. 

When your vehicle needs auto repairs or other services, and you want a shop that is transparent and trustworthy, call Repair One for an appointment. If your vehicle breaks down during shop hours, just give us a call and we will have a tow truck in route immediately. During shop hours we will shuttle you back to work or home allowing you to continue with your day.

If your vehicle breaks down after hours, call The Woodlands Wrecker Service at 832-347-6178 and they will deliver your vehicle to Repair One shop and use our convenient night drop.  

We’ll get you fixed up as soon as possible.

Putting Our Customers First

Whether you need an oil change, air conditioning repair, or your service engine soon light is on, or your vehicle is running poorly, we can help you get back on the road. Because putting your needs first is our priority, we have a comfortable waiting room with free Wi-Fi, a place for the kids to hang out, and we get your vehicle done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

What You Can Expect from Us

Because we put your needs first, you can expect transparent and trustworthy communications about what your vehicle needs and the repairs we do. We have the best technicians with the most experience in the area, we use only top-quality parts, our technicians are ASE Certified to repair domestic and foreign vehicles, we are qualified to work on gas and diesel engines, and we provide fast and friendly service.

Auto Maintenance at Repair One

Keeping your vehicle maintained means keeping you safer on the road. While maintenance doesn’t prevent all breakdowns, it does prevent some. Additionally, when you bring your vehicle in for maintenance, we visually check items that could cause you to become stranded. We can’t see if all of the parts on a vehicle are ready to fail, but we do check the parts that we can.

Maintenance includes:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Lube when applicable
  • Tune-ups
  • Air filter and cabin air filter changes
  • Fuel filter changes
  • Check and top off fluids
  • Transmission flush and filter change
  • Check and top off front and rear differentials, and replace fluid as needed
  • Brake system flush and replace fluid
  • Power steering system flush and replace fluid
  • Coolant flush and replace fluid
Auto Repair Services at Repair One

While we have your vehicle on the lift, we will do a visual inspection for upcoming problems, including:

  • Normal and uneven tire wear: Uneven tire wear could mean that you have a suspension problem or your vehicle needs an alignment. If the tires are wearing evenly on either side or just in the middle, the air pressure is too low or too high, respectively.
  • Brake pads and rotors
  • Suspension and steering issues (including bushing, shocks, springs, struts, racks and gearboxes)
  • Leaks, including oil leaks, power steering leaks, coolant leaks and brake fluid leaks
  • Belts and hoses
  • Exhaust issues (such as rusted exhaust pipe, manifolds and catalytic converters)
  • Loose pulleys on water pumps, power steering pumps, vacuum pumps and air conditioning compressors

We’ll let you know if the auto repair issue we find needs immediate attention or if it’s something that is upcoming. For example, if your vehicle’s tire tread is low, we’ll let you know and guestimate when you should be prepared to replace the tires. If we see brake pads that are low enough that the squeakers should hit the rotors in less than a month’s worth of driving, we’ll recommend that you change the pads immediately or as soon as possible.

Auto Repair at Repair One

No matter what make vehicle you have, it has thousands of moving parts, any of which can fail at any time. Common auto repair tasks we do at Repair One include:

  • Belts, tensioner pulleys and idler pulleys
  • Heater hoses, radiator hoses, radiators and thermostats
  • Sensors and control modules
  • Fans, water pumps and radiators
  • Air conditioning components (including the compressor, condenser, evaporator core, accumulator/drier, and expansion block/orifice tube
  • Heating system (including the heater core and switches)
  • Power steering system (including high- and low-pressure hoses, racks, and gearboxes)
  • Suspension system (including bushings, struts, shocks, springs, tie rods, and more)
  • Head gaskets
  • Intake manifold and exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Timing belts
  • Timing chains
  • Gear drives (We can also upgrade a timing chain to a gear drive)
  • Brake system (including pads, rotors, calipers, master cylinder, and brake lines and hoses)
  • Clutches and other transmission repairs
  • Fuel pumps, fuel lines, fuel injectors, throttle bodies, and carburetors (We can also upgrade certain types of fuel injection on European cars.)
  • Cam phasers and VCT solenoid replacement
Vehicles in for auto repairs at Repair One

Fleet Services

Keeping your fleet well-maintained means keeping money coming into your business. When even one fleet vehicle is down, it can’t be on the road, which means that someone is not making money that day.

We provide fleet repairs and can help you schedule regular maintenance so that your fleet has minimal downtime. We’ll also inspect your fleet vehicles for upcoming issues so that you can plan when you want to take care of those issues.

If you have a fleet of cars or trucks, call the shop to discuss your maintenance and repair needs.

Serving The Woodlands, TX Area

The auto repair shop is located in The Woodlands, TX, making it easier for you to get to us. Nearby areas where our customers are from include:

  • Alden Bridge area.
  • Cochrans Crossing area.
  • College Park area.
  • Creekside Park area.
  • Egypt area.
  • Grogan’s Mill area.
  • Harper’s Preserve area.
  • Indian Springs area.
  • Jacob’s Reserve area.
  • Magnolia area.
  • Panther Creek area.
  • Rayford area.
  • Shenandoah area.
  • South Conroe area.
  • Sterling Ridge area.

If you are looking for a mechanic who isn’t going to close shop and disappear, who will give you the best customer service, and use only top-quality parts for the best quality repairs, call Repair One for an appointment for auto repair and maintenance.

If you have a fleet of vehicles and are looking for someone to help you maintain your fleet by scheduling you at the best times, call the shop to discuss your needs. We treat every customer as an individual, not a number, and we get you on the road as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.

If you break down and need auto repairs immediately, contact Repair One and we will have a tow truck in route immediately. If it is after hours, call The Woodlands Wrecker Service at 832-347-6178 and they will deliver your vehicle to Repair One and use our convenient night drop. When you arrive at Repair One our convenient customer shuttle will take you to your home or work. If you decide to call a towing service on your own, give the shop a call and let us know once your vehicle is on the way.


“Repair one fixed my vehicle, cleared my check engine light and did only the repairs I approved. They did not pressure me into spending more and listened to me on my overall goal and spending level. Very polite, courteous and helpful.”

- Sam Wilson

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