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When choosing a neighborhood auto repair shop, you want a mechanic who offers a good warranty. Repair One in The Woodlands, Tx offer a nationwide warranty for parts and labor.

Warranty for Parts and Labor

Having a warranty on work done on your vehicle is important. While we strive to provide quality OEM parts and quality repair work, there are cases where a part might be defective but we can’t see the defect. For example, you can’t see if a cam sensor is bad before you install it, unless the case is broken or the wiring is pulled out of the pigtail – and both of those issues would not pass quality control at the factory.

When a part is electronic, we can only take the manufacturer’s word that the part is working properly or won’t fail sooner rather than later. Our Nationwide Pronto warranty helps to prevent you from paying for the repair more than once.

Ask Us About the Nationwide Pronto Warranty

The Nationwide Pronto warranty covers your repairs for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Because the warranty is nationwide, you can use the warranty when you are on the road, giving you peace of mind that your repair will be taken care of at any repair facility of your choice.

When you need service and repair on your vehicle, whether you have a domestic vehicle, Euro vehicle, or an Asian brand, call Repair One in The Woodlands, Tx. to make an appointment. We have a comfortable waiting room or a free shuttle service so you can wait in comfort or have us run you back to work or home.

For those who must leave their vehicle overnight because some jobs are impossible to complete in a day, we offer a free loaner vehicle based on availability.

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