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State Inspections

Texas requires all vehicles to pass vehicle inspection in order to be registered. Repair One offers state inspections for The Woodlands, TX. area. Various types of vehicles have different items that must be checked, though most of the list is the same. When you want a vehicle inspection you can trust, let our licensed state inspector inspect your vehicle.

One of the benefits of having your vehicle inspected by Repair One is that we can repair any faults we find – you won’t have to take it to a separate auto repair shop. Our ASE Certified technicians carefully check all items on the state’s list to ensure they are working.

As part of the state inspection, regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving, we must check for evidence of financial responsibility/motor vehicle insurance as required by the state.

Passenger Cars

Each passenger car must have the following items inspected:

  • The horn
  • Windshield wipers
  • The mirrors
  • The steering system
  • Seat belts for all seating positions
  • Brake system (including the parking brake on 1960 and newer models)
  • Tires
  • Wheel assembly
  • Brake lights (If your vehicle was manufactured in 1986 or after, we must check three brake lights. Vehicles manufactured from 1960 through 1985 have to have two working brake lights. Those that were manufactured prior to and including 1959 have to have one working brake light.)
  • Exhaust system and, starting with 1968 models, the exhaust emission system
  • The beam indicator (starting with 1948 models)
  • Taillights
  • License plate light
  • Rear red reflectors
  • Turn signal lights on 1960 or newer models
  • Headlights
  • Gas caps
  • Window tint
  • The motor, serial, or vehicle identification number (VIN)
Repair One technician looking under the hood of a pickup truck as part of state inspection.

Pickup Trucks, Panel Trucks, and Trucks Under 80 Inches​

To determine the width of your truck, measure it from its widest part on one side to the widest part on the other side. Door mirrors are not included in this measurement, but dual wheels are included in the width measurement. In addition to the above list, trucks must also have safety guards or flaps inspected.

Repair One technician checking a motorcycle as part of the state inspection


Any motorcycle or motor-driven cycle with a motor displacement of under 125cc must pass a state inspection. Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles have the same inspection procedures as a passenger vehicle.

Bus and Motorhome

Buses (not including school buses), motorhomes, and motor coaches also have the same inspection list as passenger cars. Additional state inspection items include:

  • Seat belts for the driver only.
  • Clearance lights.
  • Side marker lights and reflectors.

Additionally, while some people like to lower their vehicles, buses, motor homes, and motor coaches cannot be lowered to anything below the manufacturer’s clearance standards or they won’t pass inspection.

Contact Repair One if You Need State Inspection Services

The auto technicians at our family-owned auto repair shop put you and your family’s safety first. We offer state inspections and quality repairs. We are transparent, so we will show you what needs to be repaired if we find anything. 

Call Repair One‘s auto repair shop in The Woodlands, TX, or schedule an appointment online for your next state inspection.

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