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Other than the engine and brakes, tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without tires, you’re not going anywhere, regardless of how well the engine runs. 

But don’t go with just any tires. With bad tires, you’re not going to be very safe. Bald tires cause you to lose traction, even on dry roads. Separated tires can blow out when you least expect it. Unbalanced tires cause shaking in the steering wheel, affecting control of the vehicle.

If your vehicle needs new tires, tire repair, and other services, contact us at our Repair One shop in The Woodlands, TX.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle Has a Separated Tire

In many cases, you’ll see a bubble on the tread or where the tread meets the sidewall. Sometimes the separation is small enough that you won’t see it, but you might feel it in the steering wheel.

If you are driving slowly – about 5 to 10 mph – and you feel shaking in the steering wheel, you might have a separated tire.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle's Tires Need Balancing

When tire mounters mount tires on the rim, they balance the tires with weights. Over time, a weight could fall off, especially if you hit a curb or go over a pothole too fast. You’ll feel an unbalanced tire in the steering wheel, usually between 55 to 75 mph.

Car on a lift at Repair One for maintenance on tires

Too Much Air or Too Little Air

Having the proper air pressure in your vehicle’s tires is imperative for safe driving and to make the tires last longer. If you have too much air, you’ll notice the center of the tire tread wearing faster than the rest of the tread. If you don’t have enough air in the tires, you’ll notice both sides of the tire tread wearing evenly but faster than the center of the tread.

Driving with too much air pressure means that less of the tread is in contact with the pavement, making it easy to lose control. Too little air pressure means that the tires are too soft and could cause the vehicle to lose control, especially if the tire is on the front.

Uneven Wear

If you notice uneven wear and feathering of the tread, your vehicle might need an alignment, or it might have an issue with the suspension. Schedule to bring your vehicle in with us today. We will be sure to give a thorough inspection of your tires to keep you and your vehicle safely running on the roads. 

Tread Depth

During inclement weather, you should have no less than 4/32-inch tread, and anything below 2/32-inch is a major safety concern.

Every tire has bar indicators between the treads. If the tread is the same height as the bar indicators, you need new tires.

You can also check the tread depth with a quarter and a penny.

If you stick the penny in so Lincoln’s head is pointing down and you can see the top of his head, you have 2/32-inch of tread and need to replace the tires immediately.

You can do the same test with a quarter, but if you can see the top of Washington’s head, you have 4/32-inch of tread left.

Repair One auto technician installing tires on a truck at Repair One

Contact Repair One if You Need New Tires and Other Tire Services

If you need to repair, replace, or do other maintenance on your tires, call our Repair One auto repair shop in The Woodlands, TX. Order new tires now or schedule an appointment below.

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