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Have you ever driven down the road and wondered why your vehicle would pull to the left or right? Your problem might be as simple as getting your vehicle aligned.

When a mechanic puts your vehicle on the alignment rack, he checks to see if the suspension is in line. The suspension is what connects the tires to the rest of the vehicle, and if it is off, the tires are tilted.

When you need an alignment, contact Repair One in The Woodlands, TX for an appointment.

Checking for Alignment Issues

You can check to see if you need an alignment. If you see any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle into either of our shops for an alignment:

  • Look for uneven tread wear on the tires. One side of the tread or the other will wear faster.
  • Your vehicle pulls to the right or left as you are driving.
  • You might feel a vibration in your steering wheel, though this is more common with separated or unbalanced tires.
  • When you are driving in a straight line, the steering wheel is off center.

Tire Alignment: Camber, Caster and Toe

Tire alignment can affect how your vehicle handles on the road, whether you are driving in a straight line or taking a curve. The auto repair shop checks for three things during wheel alignment:


If you look at the tires from the front of the vehicle, they should be straight up.

If the top of the tire is tilted to the left or right, you have too much outward or inward camber. If the tires are not straight up and down, you might have worn ball joints or bearings.


If the caster is off, the steering, cornering, and stability of the vehicle will be off. If you look at the tires from the side, they should be straight.

Positive caster is when the steering angle is tilted toward the driver. Negative caster is when the tire tilts toward the front of the vehicle.


The easiest way to describe toe, is to look at your own toes. If your toes point out, that is toe-out. If they point in, that is toe-in. It’s the same for tires.

If you look at them from above, and they’re pointed in, the toe needs to be adjusted out. If they are pointed out, the toe needs to be adjusted in.

Tire Alignments performed at Repair One

Contact Repair One For Wheel Alignment in The Woodlands, TX

At Repair One, we always offer a free alignment check! Ask to have it done while your vehicle is in for service. Or if you notice a problem with your tires, including uneven wear and tilted tires, contact Repair One in The Woodlands, TX, or schedule an appointment online.

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