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AC Repair

Summer in Texas is not the time for your vehicle’s air conditioning system to break down. But when it does, our ASE Certified mechanics at Repair One can get it fixed up for you.

The air conditioning system consists of several parts. You might have a clogged system, a leak, or your vehicle’s compressor might not work properly.

When that happens, call our auto repair shop in The Woodlands, TX to make an appointment for AC repair.

Air Conditioning System Components

The air conditioning system is a complicated system consisting of several components. If your vehicle has rear air or three-row air, you have two or three of certain components.

The AC system contains:

  • The compressor
  • High- and low-pressure lines (Each vehicle has a set of lines that connect all parts of the system. Those with rear air have additional lines that connect the rear air to the compressor.)
  • The condenser
  • The evaporator core (Vehicles with rear air have an extra evaporator core.)
  • An accumulator or drier (depending on the make and model vehicle)
  • An orifice tube or expansion block, depending on the make and model vehicle (Vehicles with rear air have an extra orifice tube or expansion block.)
  • Blower motor (Vehicles with rear air have an extra blower motor.)
  • Blower motor resistor (Vehicles with rear air have an extra blower motor resistor.)
  • Switches
Repair One Automotive in The Woodlands Tx. and Spring Tx. mechanic performs ac service and repair on vehicle ac compressor with using 2 wrenches to tighten bolts

If you have automatic temperature control, you might have a separate control module for the HVAC system.

AC Repair Problems

When the air conditioning system is not working at all, it could have several issues, including:

  • Loss of refrigerant due to attrition
  • Loss of refrigerant due to a leak
  • Compressor clutch failure
  • Compressor failure
  • Too much refrigerant in the system (pressure is too high)
  • Compressor failure
  • Electrical failure
  • Clogged system – usually the orifice tube or the expansion block gets clogged with dirty oil
  • Clogged condenser
  • Condenser fan failure
  • Condenser failure
  • Evaporator core failure
Auto Technician performing a/c repair at Repair One

When the system fails, you must always replace the accumulator/drier and the orifice tube/expansion block because they are the filters that keep the system working properly. Metal shavings from the compressor, moisture, and oil from the oil mixed with the refrigerant can clog these parts.

Locating a Refrigerant Leak

Many people ask why we have to add refrigerant to find a leak if it’s just going to leak out again. Once the refrigerant leaks out, the leak detectors won’t find any. Or, if just enough leaks out, the system won’t have enough pressure to run, and the leak detectors won’t find the leak.

We can also add a dye to the refrigerant to find visual leaks. But in many cases, that is not enough. Our leak detectors are sensitive enough to find a pinhole leak.

Once we locate the leak, we can now do AC repair. We can replace the part that is leaking, along with the accumulator/drier and the expansion block/orifice tube.

Contact Repair One for AC Repair

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system doesn’t seem cold enough or it is not working at all, call one of our Repair One shop to make an appointment for diagnosis and AC repair.

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