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Is Your Wheel Bearing Noisy? Here’s Why to Get It Fixed

Operating as the unsung hero of the suspension system, the wheel bearings help reduce friction as the wheels spin. Over time, these bearings wear out, putting far too much pressure on the axles and steering system. You can prevent damage to nearby parts by having the bearing replaced at the first sign of a problem. Wondering just when that is? Here’s a look at the most common signs it’s time to call for auto repair in The Woodlands TX and get your wheel bearing replaced.

Is Your Wheel Bearing Noisy? Here’s Why to Get It Fixed

Loud Noises 

Strange sounds caused by bad wheel bearings include:

  • Humming while turning or accelerating 
  • Grinding while the car is moving 
  • Clunking over rough road surfaces

Your car should make the same symphony of sounds on every drive, letting you know that all is well from nose to tail. If different noises join the party, don’t welcome them with open arms. Instead, let your auto tech know so they can track down the cause of the terrible car noises.

Steering Wheel Play 

Steering wheel play refers to how much you can move the steering wheel back and forth without moving the tires. When all your suspension and steering parts are in good condition, you should only have a ½ inch of play. 

If you can move your wheel much further than that without a response from the tires, then you may have a bad wheel bearing. Your auto tech will check the rest of the suspension and steering system as well to confirm before recommending replacement of the bearing alone.

Excessive Vibrations 

Just like the noises your car makes, its vibrations should remain fairly static as you go on all your travels. If you notice that your car is starting to vibrate through the steering wheel more than normal, then you might need auto repair in The Woodlands TX. 

The wheel bearing is likely to blame if the vibrations increase markedly as you move through the corners or while accelerating up to speed. Other potential causes of excessive vehicle vibrations include bad motor mounts, tire bulges and tread separation, and incorrect air/fuel ratio.

ABS System Failure 

In many modern cars, the wheel bearings have an ABS sensor integrated into their build. So, when wear gets bad enough, the sensor ends up damaged as well, resulting in your ABS dash light shining brightly. 

Thankfully, your mechanic can use their factory scan tools to have a quick chat with your car’s onboard computer and figure out the problem. If it’s the sensor, then they’ll know that it’s time to replace the high-tech bearing with another one to get your car working well once again.

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