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When Should Tires Be Checked and Serviced in Spring, TX?

When Should Tires Be Checked and Serviced? | Repair One in Spring, TX. Closeup image of a mechanic’s hand checking the air pressure of a tire with a tire pressure gauge.

When many people purchase new tires in Spring, TX, they take note of their vehicle’s mileage. Why? They use it to measure when they need to consider replacing the tires. 

While this may be an effective barometer for some, your tires will rarely ever get the full extent of the rating. Instead, the longevity of any tire will be based on factors like road conditions, driver habits, and even whether or not your car’s a hybrid.

As such, it’s important to have regular tire inspections in Spring, TX to ensure your tires are safe. 

At Repair One in Spring, TX, we offer a full range of tire inspection and tire services for virtually every make and model of vehicle. Because we are the leading tire inspection and tire service center in the area, we take pride in our ability to educate our customers. 

Let’s look at tires, including when you should have a tire inspection and schedule tire services.

The Basics of Tire Wear

When you purchased your car’s tires, you probably saw marketing materials indicating how long you might expect them to last. But the numbers in those marketing materials aren’t always a reflection of reality. 

The average all-season tire lasts between 55,000 and 85,000 miles in independent testing. That’s a huge variance! Multiple factors influence where your tires will fall in that range, including:

  • Tire overinflation or underinflation
  • Frequency of tire rotation & other tire services
  • The vehicle’s wheel alignment
  • Highway vs. city driving in Spring, TX
  • The type of engine (for example, electric vs. hybrid. vs. internal combustion)


That last one always raises some eyebrows. But it’s true. The tires on an EV or a hybrid can wear out 30% faster than on a standard vehicle. The reason is that EVs and hybrids are typically heavier and create more torque at the wheels, leading to more friction at starts and stops.

How To Check Your Tires for Wear

If you’re looking for expert tire inspection and tire services in Spring, TX, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment or stop by our shop. However, you can do simple tire inspection steps to check your tires for wear and tear. 

For starters, it’s good practice to keep a tire pressure gauge at your home in Spring, TX or in your vehicle. It’s also good practice to perform a tire inspection with a gauge to check each tire’s pressure regularly. When you’re doing so, simply give your tires a once-over and pay special attention to tread wear.

In the grooves of each tire, you’ll notice a few bars running perpendicular to the treads. They’re set into the treads to let you know when the tires are wearing thin. If those bars are anywhere close to flush with the depth of the treads, you should start thinking about new tires right away.

Contact Repair One for Tire Repair & Service in Spring, TX

The bottom line is that your tires aren’t something you can install and forget. It’s best to have regular tire inspections and tire services to extend the life of your tire. 

Examples of regular tire services include tire rotations, tire balancing, and wheel alignments. These tire services are designed to ensure you get the most out of your tires.

Repair One is proud to be the leading auto repair facility in the Spring, TX area. We offer a full range of auto repair and maintenance services for virtually every make and model of vehicle. 

One of the top solutions we offer is tire services. Whether you need new tires, tire inspection, tire balancing, tire rotation, or any other service, the team at Repair One in Spring, TX can help.

Repair One is conveniently located at 8680 Louetta Rd., Spring, TX 77379. Feel free to stop by anytime. You can also call us at 832-422-3994 or complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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