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4 Signs You Need Car A/C Repair in Klein TX

When the A/C in your car is working at its best, you likely don’t give it a second thought as you enjoy all your travels. You can just set it to your ideal temperature and then hit the road with confidence that you’ll stay comfortable mile after mile. When the A/C starts acting up, however, all that comes crashing to the ground, leaving you hot, sweaty, and more than ready for a solution. Thankfully, your team at Repair One can help by performing car A/C repair in Klein TX. Here are four signs that it’s time to give us a call.

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Vents Don’t Blow Cold 

When running at peak efficiency, the air coming out of your vents should hit a frigid 38 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have your A/C running at the same settings as always but get warm air instead of an icy cold blast, then you definitely have a problem. As long as all the parts are working right, the air should stay around the same temperature range. If not, you could have anything from a refrigerant leak to an electrical issue.


Poor Airflow Through the Vents 

The temperature of the air coming out of the vents is not the only thing that matters. The speed of the air coming out is important as well, especially if you want to cool down fast. If the airflow feels weak or stops altogether, then you need to have the system looked over by a skilled technician. They will check the cabin air filter, blend door actuator, and blower motor to track down the cause and find the right repair recommendations.


Bad Smell in the Cabin 

Even if cold air is blowing strong out of the vents, a bad smell in the cabin can point to the need for car A/C repair in Klein TX. Since the system creates moisture through condensation, mold and mildew growth are rather common. Once that happens, the growth can block up the system, causing it to malfunction over time. Beyond that, it’s simply unpleasant to have that smell wafting around your car.


A/C System Doesn’t Turn On 

Your car’s A/C system should turn on at the press of a button and continue its normal operations until turned back off again. If nothing happens when you press the button, your system needs prompt service from a skilled auto tech. To figure out why the system won’t turn on, your tech will check the fuses, control module, and everything in between.


Need Car A/C Repair? Call Our Klein TX Auto Repair Shop

When you need car A/C repair in Klein TX, simply call 832-422-3994 to speak with our team at Repair One. We’ll help you find a great time to come down to our auto repair shop and have your car looked over by your trusted mechanic. We can then let you know what car A/C repair services are needed to restore the function of the system. Once that’s done, you can continue on your travels while staying cool and comfortable mile after mile.

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