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Skip to My Lou—But Don't Skip These Fluid Services

Don't Skip These Fluid Services | Repair One in Spring/Klein, TX. Closeup image of a man checking the level of several fluids of the car. Concept image of fluid services.

Your body and vehicle have a few things in common. Just as your body requires water, your vehicle needs certain fluids to function.

In total, there are about five essential fluids that must be inspected regularly and topped off. Failure to have these fluid services can result in reduced gas mileage, lower performance, and increased potential for expensive mechanical repairs.

Fortunately, the mechanics at Repair One in Spring, TX can help. Let’s take a closer look at the top fluid services your vehicle needs.

1. Oil Change

Motor oil is, arguably, the most important fluid in your vehicle. Like blood coursing through your veins, your vehicle can not function without it. Its primary roles are to protect the engine from overheating and lubricate parts, but it performs other functions as well.

To perform such roles, motor oil has additives, surfactants, and other unique ingredients. However, these components are consumed over time, causing oil to lose its vital functions. This makes oil change an essential maintenance task.

You can find your manufacturer’s oil change interval and the oil specifications in the owner’s manual. If you can’t find this file, simply stop by our shop in Spring, TX, and we’ll provide advice and perform these fluid services.

2. Transmission Fluid Services

Like the engine, the transmission is also an important vehicle component. Transmission converts the engine’s power to the wheels’ momentum. It also relies on a special fluid to function—the transmission fluid. 

Transmission may need either two types of fluid services: 

  • A transmission fluid exchange: Drains a large percentage of the old fluid and replaces it with new. Note that this method doesn’t completely remove all the old fluid.
  • A transmission fluid flush: Pumps out all old fluid, and new fluid is added to the transmission system. 


Refer to your owner’s manual to learn whether you must promptly schedule a fluid exchange or a flush. 

3. Brake Fluid Services

For your brakes to activate, it uses a complex hydraulic system that requires brake fluid. Brake fluid takes the force from your depressed brake pedal, morphs it into pressure, and transmits the pressure to the rear and front brakes to stop your vehicle.

Over time, your brake fluid can become low in level and contaminated, raising the need for brake fluid services. If you begin to feel an unusual feeling with your brakes or a brake delay, you should have your brakes and brake fluid inspected as soon as possible.

Just the same as transmission fluid, brake fluid may be either changed or completely flushed. Make sure to refer to your owner’s manual for suggested intervals. 

4. Coolant Services

Your engine coolant is a vital fluid that absorbs heat and removes toxic byproducts from your exhaust system. If you do not have coolant, your engine will overheat and destroy itself. 

To prevent this from happening, you should schedule regular coolant fluid services. Like brake and transmission fluids, coolant may be drained or completely flushed.

5. Power Steering Fluid Services

Your ability to turn and maneuver your vehicle is more effortless thanks to power steering and the power steering fluid. If your power steering fluid is running low or close to empty, your vehicle’s wheel will stiffen up. It will become noticeably challenging to make turns. 

Running low on power steering fluid is a dangerous business, so it’s imperative to have power steering fluid inspections and fluid services as suggested by the manufacturer or as needed.

Get Fluid Services Done at Repair One in Spring/Klein, TX

While you may skip a meal or “skip to my Lou,” there are certain fluid services you shouldn’t ignore. And Repair One can provide all the fluid services your vehicle needs in Spring, Klein, and nearby areas in Texas.

Contact us at (832) 422-3994, schedule the service online, or drop by at 8680 Louetta Rd., Spring, TX 77379. Our shop is just nearby Klein, TX.

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