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How to Properly Maintain Your Engine Oil System

The old oil is drained from the car engine. Concept image of “How to Properly Maintain Your Engine Oil System” | Repair One Auto in Spring/Klein, TX.

Your engine requires fresh and nutrient-rich oil to lubricate and protect your engine. Driving around with insufficient or dirty oil can devastate your vehicle. It can shorten the life of your engine and ultimately cause it to self-destruct. 

Good thing maintaining your engine oil system is relatively straightforward. And the experts at Repair One of Spring and Klein, TX make it even easier.

Let’s explore how to do so.

Oil Change Is Key to Protecting Your Engine

An oil change is one of the most important preventative maintenance services you can perform. This vital lubricating and cooling fluid include specialized nutrients and additives. Unfortunately, oil will degrade over time. When this happens, the fresh, free-flowing oil will thicken and turn into sludge. Instead of protecting and lubricating parts, the thick sludge can trap heat, increase friction, and expedite the wear and tear of engine parts. If left unchecked, this scenario can turn into expensive engine repair or even engine failure, highlighting the importance of an oil change. An oil change involves replacing the old oil with clean, fresh oil.

How Often Should I Have an Oil Change?

Each manufacturer may specify different oil change intervals, so always refer to your owner’s manual for specific preventative maintenance guidelines. However, most vehicles that use synthetic oil will suggest oil service every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Sticking to this interval will strike a good balance between minimizing engine wear and tear while maximizing oil life. Considering the importance of an oil change, it’s best to have this vital service performed by an experienced technician. Doing so means the person doing the oil change will have the experience to spot minor problems before they evolve into more expensive repairs.

Pay Attention to Dashboard Warning Indicators

While your vehicle can’t verbally talk to you, it can communicate through other means. And one of the top ways it does so is through dashboard indicator warnings. Many of these warning indicators are related to the engine oil system. Depending on your vehicle, the actual warning can vary. But some of the most common ways include:
  • Check engine light
  • Service engine soon
  • Check engine oil soon
  • Oil pressure low/stop engine.

If you see any of these oil service indicators, contact Repair One of Spring/Klein, TX. Our experienced mechanic can quickly retrieve the warning codes and discover the underlying problem.

What About Engine Flush?

While your oil filter can screen out pollutants as small as 25 microns, the filter may not capture smaller particles. Over time, these particles can bond together and create deposits and sludge. If these particles become excessive, new and fresh oil will be useless in removing them. In this instance, an engine flush may be the best course of action. Sadly, this is often overlooked. This service can remove any sludge buildup for drivers who:
  • Seldom having oil changes
  • Leave their vehicle inactive for extended periods
  • Do a lot of stop-and-go driving

With an engine flush, our experienced technicians at Repair One will utilize specially-formulated chemicals to break down carbon deposits and sludge from old oil.

Contact Repair One for Oil Service & Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to preventative maintenance and auto repair in Spring, Klein, and nearby areas in Texas, Repair One is your one-stop shop. Our ASE-Certified mechanics and technicians offer every service and repair your vehicle needs to continue delivering top performance. Contact Repair One today by calling (832) 422-3994 or visit us at 8680 Louetta Rd., Spring, TX 77379.
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