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Do I Need an Oil Change & Oil Filter Change Before the Cooler Weather?

Do I Need an Oil Change & Oil Filter Change Before the Cold Months? | Repair One Auto in The Woodlands, TX. Closeup image of an old oil filter of car with wrench in hand. Concept image of oil and oil filter change.Oil has many purposes for your engine. Among other things, it lubricates, cleans and cools engine parts, prevents corrosion, and reduces wear and tear.

With such expectations, it’s imperative that the engine oil is up to the task. Let’s look at why you should schedule an oil change (and oil filter change) before cold months as a part of your fall car care.

Yes…You Should Schedule an Oil Change Before the Cooler Weather Sets In

No matter the season, you should never skimp on quality oil or skip having an oil change. When the cooler weather sets in, it becomes even more important to have fresh, nutrient-rich oil.

This is because lower temperatures can cause old oil to stop flowing or significantly slow down. When your vehicle warms up during start-up, the engine will be working without the benefit of circulating oil. This can place your engine under immense pressure and will result in engine problems if left unchecked.

Because of this, it’s best to enter the colder months in The Woodlands, TX with fresh oil that can do the jobs it’s designed to do.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Oil Filters

In addition to the oil circulating throughout your vehicle, it’s equally important to change oil filters.

Cooler weather temps can cause oil to thicken. This thicker oil is pushed through the filter every time you start your vehicle. In the process, it can generate a substantial amount of pressure. This pressure can cause significant damage to key parts and components, such as a split clamp, sealing rings, and canister can.

To avoid this, use a high-quality filter designed to withstand high pressure. At the same time, your oil change should include a filter change at each occurrence.

Knowing When to Change Engine Oil is Important

Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, you need to know when to change your engine oil. The best and most accurate way to care for your vehicle is to refer to your manufacturer’s suggested interval. As the vehicle’s creator, they set forth best practices and intervals when servicing should be performed.

But it’s imperative to understand that these intervals are based on normal operating conditions.

We live in The Woodlands, TX where the driving environment is hardly “normal.” So, speak to your mechanic to learn how to modify your oil change schedule to best meet your unique driving habits and needs.

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