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Hitting The Road? Follow This Tire Checklist First

Hitting The Road? Follow This Tire Checklist First | Repair One in The Woodlands, TX. Image of a woman checking her tires by the highway before going on a long road trip.

It happens every year. Spring rolls around, the weather turns pleasant, and drivers in The Woodlands, TX area start thinking about taking road trips. 

There’s something magical about getting in your car and hitting the open road. But if you don’t take a close look at your tires before you do, you might get stranded alongside that road or worse.

Fortunately, the mechanics at Repair One of The Woodlands, TX can help. As the best auto repair and tire services facility in the area, we pride ourselves on being the best place to go for tire services. We’re dedicated to helping you get your car ready for your next road trip or family vacation. 

We’ve prepared this checklist to help you judge whether your tires are as ready to roll as you are. However, if you’re not a DIYer, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Repair One in The Woodlands, TX for expert tire services.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure Before Road Trips

Although it doesn’t get too cold here in The Woodlands, TX in winter, the chilly temperatures we do get can affect your tires. When the temperature drops, your tires may lose air pressure. They’ll lose an average of 1 pound of pressure per square inch for each 10-degree temperature drop. 

The opposite happens in the spring and summer heat. As a result of those fluctuations, your tires may have too much or too little air. 

Going on a road trip on underinflated or overinflated tires can lead to many problems. These include premature tire wear, uneven tire wear, and tire failure. It’s best to check your tire pressure before you set out on road trips.

2. Look For Sidewall Damage

Your car’s tires are under a lot of pressure. They’re carrying several tons of weight at any given time, often at high speeds. That pressure intensifies as you drive over potholes, road debris, and other detritus. Over time, the sidewalls of your tires may begin to show wear in the form of bulges or small cuts. 

If you do spot any tire damage, it’s important to schedule an appointment at Repair One for tire services. We offer a full range of tires and can help you choose between summer tires and all-season tires, among other options.

3. Check Your Tread Depth

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. The trouble is that it keeps raining throughout the year, not just in April. That’s a big reason you’d never want to go on road trips unless your tire treads are good. 

To find out, place an upside-down quarter into your tire treads. If you can see all of George Washington’s head, your treads aren’t safe for driving in inclement weather. 

If you want a more professional measurement of your tire treads, simply stop by Repair One in The Woodlands, TX for tire services.

4. Check the Date Codes of Your Tires

Did you know the age of your tires may have nothing to do with when you bought them? A set of tires may start to degrade six years after it’s made, even if it’s been sitting in storage the whole time. 

To find out the age of your tires, look on their sides to find a code that begins with the letters “DOT.” Then examine the last block of numbers that follows. The first two digits of the block are the week of manufacturing, and the last two represent the year. 

If your tires are older than you thought, bring them into Repair One in The Woodlands, TX for tire services and a checkup.

Contact Repair One for Tire Services in The Woodlands, TX

No matter where you’re off to this season, your friends here at Repair One in The Woodlands, TX want you to have a safe journey. If you have any doubts about the condition of your car tires, don’t leave home without checking in with us first.

Simply complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment or call us at 936-271-1110. You can always make an in-person visit to our state-of-the-art facility at 6495 College Park Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77384.

We’re looking forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations, ready for the long and winding road.

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