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Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe on All Your Travels

As everything starts opening back up, many rusty drivers are hitting the roadways once again. So, you had better plan to double your efforts to stay safe on all your travels. Thankfully, you can easily compensate for all the new and returning drivers by following these key safe travel tips.

Check All Your Tires, Lights, and Safety Equipment

Top 5 Tips For Staying Safe On All Your Travels with Repair One in The Woodlands Tx and Spring/Klein Tx image of happy young woman with sunglasses and summer hat on looking out driver side window smiling

When it comes to staying safe, the current state of your car matters a whole lot. If it’s in bad shape, then you can’t expect to be able to maneuver around dangerous drivers, signal your intentions, or otherwise stay safe.

So, take a few moments before each drive to check your tire tread depth, condition, and pressure levels. Then, turn your attention to your lights and signals, confirming all the bulbs light up brightly on demand.

After that, check that your seatbelts work and that your car’s dashboard warning lights are not telling you about any issues, like airbag malfunctions. Notice any problems? Go see your mechanic to get it fixed up fast.

Watch the Road Ahead for Hazards

Upon hitting the road, you always want to watch far ahead for hazards to avoid unexpectedly coming up on problems. If you’re just looking a couple cars ahead, you won’t have enough time to stop fast enough to avoid a collision.

So, set your gaze toward the horizon and stay alert for any signs of erratic driving, quick stops, or other problems. Also, remember to scan the shoulders and sidewalks for any people, animals, or other hazards that might suddenly enter the roadway.

Avoid Distracted and Erratic Drivers

If you notice any distracted or erratic drivers in your midst, create as much distance as possible between them and your car. You’ll want to gradually fall back and perhaps change lanes, so you can stay away while keeping them in your line of sight.

Don’t slow down too quickly or speed ahead of them since that can cause additional problems. Just keep your cool and get out of their vicinity as safely as you can.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Most problems on the road can be prevented by maintaining a safe following distance. When driving on city streets, follow the three-second rule, which means you follow at least three seconds behind the car ahead. Make it four or more seconds if driving on the highway.

To check your following distance, you just need to:

  • Pick a static object on the side of the road
  • Start counting the seconds right as the car ahead passes that object
  • Stop counting when you pass the static object

The total number of seconds you count is your following distance, so adjust accordingly once you get that number.

Keep Your Texas Auto Repair Shop on Speed Dial

If anything goes wrong with your car on your travels, you’ll want to pull to the right side of the road when it’s safe to do so. Then, call for a tow to your trusted The Woodlands TX or Spring/Klein TX auto shop, Repair One. You’ll want to give us a call at 936-271-1110 to reach our The Woodlands location or 832-422-3994 for our Klein auto shop to let us know you’re on the way. Once you arrive, we will help you figure out what’s going on with your car and get you back on the road fast.

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