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What Happens If You Don't Replace Your Brake Pads?

What Happens If You Don't Replace Your Brake Pads? | Repair One in Klein/Sprin, TX. Closeup image of worn-out brake pad, disc rotor, and caliper.

The brake pad clamps down on the brake calipers to generate enough friction to stop your vehicle. Because brake pads are under constant duress, they will need to be replaced relatively often. And when you need brake pad replacement, it’s vital to do so as soon as possible. 

Let’s take a closer look at what can happen if you fail to have a timely brake pad replacement. 

It Can Lead to Expensive Consequences

Brake pad replacement is a key preventative maintenance service in Klein, TX and elsewhere. Failure to do so as needed or suggested by the car manufacturer can damage other brake parts

For instance, brake rotors can be damaged if brake pads wear down past a certain point. Rotor repair or replacement is significantly more expensive. Another part that can be damaged is the brake caliper. 

As such, having regular brake pad replacement is more cost-effective. 

It Can Create Unnecessary Safety Hazard

When brake pads become worn, it will be more difficult to stop the vehicle. If you suspect your brake pads are already worn or badly need a replacement, you should have them done expeditiously. 

Worn brake pads make driving more difficult. You may have to press your brake pedal down significantly harder to stop. This can put you, your passengers, and other drivers in immediate danger in an emergency braking situation. 

Other side effects of worn pads include:

  • Brakes slipping
  • Increased stopping distances
  • Your vehicle pulling to one side


It Can Damage Your Tires

If you drive with worn brake pads, it can cause your tires to wear down faster. Why? That’s because worn brake pads may prompt you to slam on the brake pedal more often to stop your vehicle. And hard braking can result in many negative implications for your tires, like:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Unbalanced tires
  • Expedited tire wear


Moreover, failure to replace your brakes promptly can cause you to purchase new tires prematurely

It Can Cause a Poor Driving Experience

No one wants to drive a vehicle that is unstable, shaky, and has poor handling. But if you fail to replace worn brake pads, these are things you will experience exactly. 

Anytime brake rotors are damaged or brake pads are worn excessively, it can cause vibrations throughout your vehicle. If your steering wheel or vehicle shakes when you press the brake pedal, that’s a sign to bring your vehicle for brake repair to our auto shop in Klein, TX as soon as possible. 

Contact Repair One for Regular Brake Pad Replacement in Klein, TX

It’s best to have the necessary brake repair and other services performed as required. Failure to do so can cost you exponentially more in the long run, put you and your family in harm’s way, and reduce your driving experience. 

The brake mechanics at Repair One are here to help. Contact us at (832) 422-3994, schedule the service online, or stop by our shop at 8680 Louetta Rd., Spring, TX 77379.

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