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Will an Alignment Fix a Crooked Steering Wheel in The Woodlands, TX?

Will an Alignment Fix a Crooked Steering Wheel in The Woodlands, TX? with Repair One Auto. Image of red head middle aged woman smiling while driving in her car

If your steering wheel is crooked, you may be witnessing one of the top signs of wheel misalignment. Fortunately, getting your wheels back in alignment is relatively easy and cost-efficient. Our mechanic offers several vehicle services at Repair One, including wheel alignment in The Woodlands, TX. Let’s take a closer look at why your wheels may be out of alignment and how our experienced mechanic can help.

What Causes My Wheels to Be Out of Alignment?

In general, there are three primary causes of your wheels being out of alignment.

Heavy Impact & Sudden Jarring Can Cause Wheel Misalignment

Whether you hit a curb or a pothole, both of these incidents can throw your wheel alignment off. At the same time, your wheel misalignment can be caused by accidents with other vehicles or objects. If you regularly run over potholes, jump curbs, or crash into things, it’s likely your wheels are out of alignment.

Suspension Part Wear and Tear

Even if you manage to miss every pothole and are never in an accident, your wheels can still be out of alignment due to the normal wear and tear of suspension parts. Certain parts, such as suspension springs, can become slack from wear. When this happens, your wheels may shift. The best way to avoid suspension wear and tear-related misalignment is regular service and maintenance.

Is Your Vehicle Jacked Up?

Anytime you change the height of your vehicle or add a lift, it can cause wheel misalignment. This is most often caused by the suspension system not being altered to suit the new height. Your vehicle’s suspension system is designed to perform at a specific height. And if you adjust the height without changing the suspension, your vehicle will most likely be out of alignment.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Involve?

The term “wheel alignment” can be confusing. Why? Because wheel alignment doesn’t refer to your wheels. Instead, wheel alignment or tracking is related to your suspension system. During your vehicle’s’ wheel alignment in The Woodlands, TX, our experienced mechanic will adjust the camber, toe, and caster angles based on the needs of your car. These precise angles will be readjusted to the manufacturer’s suggested dimensions.

Are There Other Signs of a Wheel Misalignment?

In addition to a crooked steering wheel, there are several other signs your vehicle needs wheel alignment in The Woodlands, TX:

  • Your steering wheel vibrates when you drive.
  • Your tires wear unevenly or abnormally.
  • Your steering wheel doesn’t return naturally after a turn.
  • Your vehicle drifts to one side when you’re driving.
  • You hear a squealing noise coming from your tires.

My Wheels Are Out of Alignment…So What?

This is only the beginning if your steering wheel is crooked from misalignment. The benefits of having a wheel alignment in The Woodlands, TX, greatly outweigh the costs of overlooking this key maintenance issue. Here are a few key reasons you shouldn’t drive around on misaligned wheels in The Woodlands, TX.

Reduce Your Fuel Economy

Misaligned wheels can reduce your fuel economy due to greater road resistance, for starters.

Cause Uneven Tire Wear

As we previously mentioned, misaligned wheels can cause uneven tire wear, significantly hindering the tire’s performance.

Lead to Premature Tire Replacement

Uneven wear can cause you to replace your tires prematurely. Steertrak found preventive wheel alignments can extend the life of your tires by up to 20%.

Compromise Your Safety

Most importantly, misaligned wheels are less safe due to your vehicle being less stable. For example, if you are in an emergency and need to take swift, evasive action, wheels out of alignment may not be as responsive. This can compromise your safety.

Contact Repair One for Wheel Alignment in The Woodlands, TX

Failure to have a wheel alignment can turn a molehill into a mountain while significantly compromising your safety. Simply put, you have too much riding on your wheels and your ability to control your vehicle. Fortunately, the mechanic at Repair One in The Woodlands, TX, can help. We offer fast and affordable wheel alignments to get you straightened out and on your way.

Contact us today to schedule a wheel alignment in The Woodlands, TX.

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