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4 Common Signs That Your Vehicle Has AC Problems

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As Texans, “summer heat” means something completely different than what our northern neighbors can comprehend. It really can get hot in Spring and Klein—often exceeding 100 degrees. Because of this, learning that your car’s air conditioner is no longer working or showing signs of distress can be alarming.

Fortunately, the auto AC repair mechanic at Repair One in Spring, TX can help. As the best auto repair and maintenance center in Spring, Klein, and nearby areas, we offer your vehicles a full range of AC services. 

But we will diagnose the issue before we perform any car AC repair services. Let’s explore a few most common AC problems.

1. Is Your AC Coolish?

One of the most common signs your vehicle needs air conditioning repair and service is when the air blown is…coolish. This means it doesn’t get as cold as it should.

This can be caused by many different problems, including:

  • Vacuum leaks
  • A clogged refrigerant charging hose or clogged expansion tube
  • Low freon (This can usually be repaired with an AC recharge as long as there are no freon leaks.)
  • A bad compressor clutch or failed compressor
  • Bad blower motor or blower motor resistor
  • Failed evaporator or damaged condenser
  • Failed fuse, switch, control module, relay, solenoid, or blend door


If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, it must be inspected and repaired expeditiously. Here’s why: If it’s because of a leak and you have the necessary AC repair done early, you can prevent more expensive repairs.

2. Ewww! What’s That Smell?

If you turn on your car’s air conditioner and notice a disgusting smell, you have a problem. And when it comes to diagnosing the smelly source, the most common culprits include an old or dirty cabin air filter and a moldy evaporator case.

Fortunately, fixing these two problems is relatively straightforward.

3. The AC Starts Cool But Switches to Warm Air.

When your car AC starts cold but can’t sustain, you will need a full inspection followed by auto air conditioner repair. Here are the top causes of this common problem:

  • Bad compressor clutch: Your AC can’t sustain the right pressure if the compressor clutch doesn’t engage, which means warm air.
  • A clogged expansion valve: Your expansion valve gauges the amount of refrigerant in your evaporator. If it’s blocked, the refrigerant can’t flow into your evaporator.
  • A blown fuse: If the fuse associated with your AC goes out, your AC may not be able to sustain cold air.
  • Leaks: When refrigerant and moisture mix, corrosive acids can eat away at key components and seals, requiring car AC repair.

4. You Got Leaks From Your Car’s AC System.

The most common cause of why people get their car’s AC repaired is leaks. When a leak occurs, the system’s pressure will not provide the cool air you want and deserve. 

Here are a few steps you can take to diagnose the leak and determine the proper repair:

  • The fastest way to find the leak is to use a UV AC leak detection kit.
  • Inspect the hose manifolds on your compressor.
  • Check that all fittings are secure.
  • Inspect your o-rings and front seal that seal the pressure switches on some compressors.
  • Check where your hoses are crimped onto fittings.

Contact Repair One for the Best Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Spring & Klein, TX

In Spring and Klein, TX, your air conditioning isn’t a matter of comfort and convenience—it’s also about safety. If your AC isn’t performing up to par, the Repair One team can help. As the best auto repair center in Klein and Spring, TX, we offer every automotive service (aside from AC repair) your vehicle will need.

Contact Repair One today. Call us at (832) 422-3994 or stop by to see us at 8680 Louetta Rd., Spring, TX 77379.

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