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How We Can Prepare Your Car for the Summer Heat

Texas summers definitely bring on the heat, which can wreak havoc on your vehicle. When it is hot out, everything from the cooling system to brakes have to work much harder to keep your car running strong and driving right. Fortunately, you can mitigate the high temps by getting summer vehicle maintenance done before the season begins. Ready to get started? Here’s what you can expect when you have our Klein or The Woodlands TX auto repair team perform this important service.

How We Can Prepare Your Car for the Summer Heat with Repair One in The Woodlands Tx and Klein Tx image of middle aged woman with hair in bun in summer clothes on the cell phone with hood open on car on the side of the road

Vacation Trip Check

We always start the summer vehicle maintenance process with our complimentary vacation trip check. During this 30-point inspection, our techs take an in-depth look at your car from nose to tail.

As they inspect every system, they take photos and videos of any problems they find plus jot down detailed notes for your review. With that info in hand, they can recommend the services that will keep your car in fantastic shape mile after mile.

Cooling System Maintenance

The cooling system already works hard to keep engine temperatures in the optimal range through all your travels. If any part in that system fails, internal engine temps can quickly rise, resulting in the need for a head gasket or worse.

When you have cooling system maintenance done on a regular schedule, your Klein TX mechanic can refresh your fluids and check flow through the system. Beyond that, they can look for worn or damaged parts and replace them before they have a chance to fail.

Air Conditioning Service

Your engine is not the only thing at risk of overheating as temperatures rise in The Woodlands TX and beyond. The summer temps can also leave you way too hot and wholly uncomfortable, especially if your car’s air conditioning system starts blowing warm air.

To keep the air coming out of your vents crisp and cool, you can have A/C service done ahead of your travels. As your mechanic checks and refills your system, they make sure that everything works at peak efficiency and will keep you comfortable on every drive.

Brake Inspection and Repairs

Heat can quickly destroy the stopping power of your vehicle, especially if your pads and rotors are at the end of their service life. So, get them checked out by a skilled technician before you hit the road to avoid problems along the way.

Your mechanic will check the pad thickness, rotor condition, and caliper operation plus look at your brake fluid level and condition. If anything looks awry, they will let you know, so you can get everything fixed up right before temperatures rise.

Need Summer Vehicle Maintenance? Call Repair One Today

By completing summer vehicle maintenance before your upcoming travels, you can rest assured that your vehicle will get you where you’re going without a problem. If you’re ready to get started, just reach out to your trusted mechanic at Repair One. You can reach our The Woodlands TX shop at 936-271-1110 or call our Klein TX team at 832-422-3994. Either way, we will help you pick a great time to come down and get your car ready for all your adventures.

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