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Tire Plug vs. Tire Patch vs. New Tires: How to Tell What Your Tires Need

Tire Plug vs. Tire Patch vs. New Tires | Repair One in Klein, TX. Closeup image of a man’s hand applying tire plug on a punctured tire.Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes physical contact with the road. Even so, most people fail to pay their tires any attention until it’s too late. 

In any case, the experts at Repair One in Klein, TX can help. We offer new tire sales, tire rotation, wheel alignment, tire balancing, and other tire services to keep you and your family safe.

As the best tire services provider in Klein, TX, one of the top questions we receive is whether a flat tire needs a tire plug, tire patch, or a new tire. Fortunately, you can use a few generalities to determine whether you need a tire plug, tire patch, or a new tire.

Let’s look at these tire services and when to have a tire plug, tire patch, or new tires. If you need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Repair One in Klein, TX.

What Is a Tire Plug?

A tire plug is a powerful leather strip covered in a robust rubber compound. It is inserted into the hole and usually seals on the tire’s interior. 

Plugs can be used mainly on smaller holes located away from the sidewall. You will not be able to use a tire plug in Klein, TX if:

  • The hole is near the sidewall.
  • The hole is irregularly shaped.
  • It’s a thick nail or large hole.
  • The tire had been driven for more than a mile while it was flat. (The sidewalls may have been damaged.)
  • There is a bulge or bubble in the rubber.
  • The plug is bordering another existing repair.

In addition, you can only plug the tire when it is removed from the wheel.

What Is a Tire Patch?

A tire patch is simply a rubber piece with powerful adhesive backing. The patch is stuck onto the interior of the tire to prevent leaks.

Because the patch must go on the inside, the process involves:

  • Taking the tire off the rim
  • Removing the valve stem core
  • Cleaning the hole
  • Preparing the patch area
  • Using vulcanized cement to the interior part of the tire
  • Placing and sealing the patch

When Do I Need a Tire Patch?

In general, tires can be patched when the puncture is less than 1/4 of an inch in diameter. However, whether you need a tire patch or a new tire depends on the puncture’s location. 

Tire patches are more useful than tire plugs if:

  • The tires have larger holes.
  • The hole in the tires isn’t completely straight.
  • The hole is closer to the sidewall.

When Will I Require New Tires?

The most obvious times you will require new tires are in the event of a blowout or if the treads on your tire are below a certain point. If your treads are worn, patching or plugging the tire will be like throwing your hard-earned money into the wind. 

In case the rubber and treads are in good condition, you may still not patch or plug the tire when:

  • The puncture is in the sidewall or the shoulder of the tire.
  • The hole is more than 1/4 of an inch in diameter.
  • You have more than one hole in the tire that is less than 16 inches apart.

In these scenarios, you will need to purchase a new tire. The team of Repair One in Klein, TX offers one of the largest selections of new tires for virtually every budget.

Contact Repair One for New Tires & Other Tire Services in Klein, TX

When finding the best tire services in Klein, TX, the team at Repair One will meet your needs. We offer a full range of tire services, including tire patches and new tire sales in Klein, TX. We proudly offer a more extensive selection than Discount Tires in Spring, TX.

Customers throughout Klein, TX choose Repair One because of our world-class customer service, expert tire alignment service, complimentary towing, roadside assistance, and more. 

Most importantly, we’ll guide you through choosing the best tires for your vehicle. Particularly if you have a hybrid car that wears tires quicker than regular gasoline vehicles. 

No matter your tire needs, we are here to help. Contact Repair One in Klein, TX today by calling 832-422-3994 or filling out this appointment form. You can also stop by our shop at 8680 Louetta Rd, Spring, TX 77379.

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