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Understanding Texas Vehicle Inspection: Tips from a Woodlands Auto Repair Expert

Every year, Texans must get their vehicles inspected in order to renew their registration. Repair One, located in The Woodlands, TX, is a certified Texas state inspection station. We want you to pass your vehicle inspection on the first go-round, so taking care of malfunctioning systems and parts is recommended.

Repair One in The Woodlands, TX, not only provides auto repair in The Woodlands but also offers a list of vehicle inspection requirements in Texas to help you pass the state-required inspection.

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Vehicle Inspection Requirements in Texas

Before scheduling an inspection, ensure all vehicle systems and functions are working properly. If not, you can schedule an appointment at Repair One in The Woodlands, TX for repairs.

Getting Ready for the Yearly Texas State Inspection

We recommend scheduling your inspection at least a month before it’s time to renew your registration.

Additional tips include:

  • Keep up with preventative maintenance throughout the year. When changing the oil in your vehicle, we lift it to inspect for fluid leaks, loose steering, brake problems, and more. If we find issues, you can repair them throughout the year instead of trying to do it all at once after the inspection.
  • If you get your windows tinted, be sure to follow Texas laws regarding window tint.
  • Change the windshield wipers as soon as you notice they are not clearing the window properly, or if you notice they have cracks in the rubber.
  • If the check engine light is on, have a diagnostic tech at Repair One run diagnostics on your vehicle as soon as the light illuminates. In some cases, the issue might be minor, but in others, the repair may be costlier. Avoid the rush to fund repairs in the short interval between your inspection and registration renewal.
  • Don’t put repairs off. In most cases, one thing affects another on a vehicle. Delaying repairs can lead to further damage to other parts. For example, brake pads have a metal tab that squeals as it rubs the rotor when the pads get too low. If you ignore it, the rest of the brake pad wears down or breaks, so just the backing pad is left. The backing pad scrubs the rotor, making a grinding noise – and damages the rotor so much that it can’t be machined. Furthermore, the risk of overextending a caliper is much higher when the pads are too low.
  • Check your registration and make sure you have valid vehicle insurance.
  • Ensure the gas cap is in good condition and that the check engine light is off (for emissions testing).
  • Make sure any aftermarket modifications comply with Texas laws.
  • When you schedule an appointment for an inspection, be sure to bring your driver’s license, registration, and insurance card. Consider arriving a bit early for the inspection, in case we can accommodate you sooner.
  • If you know you have issues that will cause your vehicle to fail inspection, have them repaired prior to scheduling the inspection.

Texas State Inspection

The items we must check for the state inspection include:

  • The horn.
  • Windshield Wipers: We verify their functionality at all speeds and ensure the washer fluid bottle is full.
  • The mirrors. If they are electric mirrors, we make sure they work in all directions. Otherwise, we check if the mirrors are cracked or broken.
  • Steering system. We’ll check to be sure the steering is straight, tight, and not leaking power steering fluid.
  • Seat belts. We check to see if the seat belts and seat belt pretensioners work properly.
  • Brakes. We inspect the brake system to see if the pads and rotors are within thickness standards, check for brake fluid leaks, and ensure the ABS is working properly and the brake lines and hoses are in good condition.
  • Tires. We check for uneven wear, separated tires, plugs and patches, and other issues with the tires and wheels. Additionally, we assess the tire tread depth.
  • Wheel assembly. Our tech checks the entire wheel assembly, bearings, and control arms.
  • Brake lights.
  • Exhaust system. We check the exhaust system for rust, leaks, loose exhaust hangers, and bad exhaust manifold gaskets.
  • Beam indicator. We check the dash to ensure the high beam light illuminates. We also ensure the high and low beams work and are properly aligned.
  • Taillights.
  • License plate light.
  • Rear red reflectors.
  • Turn signals.
  • Headlights.
  • Gas cap.
  • Window tint. Texas has laws regarding window tint darkness and reflectiveness.
  • Motor, serial, or vehicle identification number (VIN). If the VIN is not correct on the inspection sheet, it could lead to delays in getting your vehicle registration renewed.

Contact Repair One For Your Texas State Inspection Today

Don’t let the inspection season catch you off guard! Schedule your appointment with Repair One and ensure a smooth, hassle-free Texas State Inspection. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you stay informed, compliant, and safe on the road. Give us a call at 936-271-1110 or visit us at 6495 College Park Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77384. Let’s keep your vehicle running at its best and make your inspection a breeze!

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