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Get It Straight! Why Is My Vehicle Out of Alignment in Klein, TX?

Get It Straight! Why Is My Vehicle Out of Alignment in Klein, TX? with Repair One Auto; image of orange sports car hooked up to alignment machine on lift in shop bay

At Repair One Auto, we are straight shooters, which means we will always shoot you and your vehicle straight. As such, we thought it fitting to talk about your vehicle’s alignment. Anytime your tires are out of alignment, it essentially means your wheels are not pointing in the right direction. This can lead to several signs, such as:

No matter the sign, out of alignment wheels can negatively impact your suspension, tires, and driving. Most importantly, it can compromise your safety on the road, which is never, ever a good thing. While wheel misalignment can occur naturally over some time, let’s take a closer look at a few of the top causes of your vehicle being out of alignment in Klein, TX.

Carelessly Running Over Potholes

Anytime your wheel hits a pothole, the significant shock pushes your vehicle’s suspension and wheels upward and backward. One major pothole or multiple smaller potholes can cause your wheels to get out of alignment. So it’s best to avoid potholes. If you can’t, take it easy.

Zooming Over Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are designed to gently remind you to slow down while keeping an eye out for kids, animals, and other objects. However, when you act as if they are not there and zoom over them with speed, it affects almost identically as a pothole. Simply put, driving over speed bumps with speed can cause your wheels to be knocked out of alignment. More so, the faster and heavier your vehicle, the more significant the damage will be.

Hitting Curbs

By now, you can probably understand the theme that running over objects or holes is a bad idea, especially when you do so at speed. But anytime you hit a curb, it can throw your wheel alignment off.

Getting into Automobile Accidents

One of the best ways to throw your alignment off is to get into an accident. Even the mildest fender bender can throw your wheels out of alignment. In fact, at Repair One Auto, we have seen accidents that didn’t cause visible damage to the vehicle but managed to impact wheel alignment. It’s essential to know alignment issues may not be initially apparent. No matter the case, they tend to worsen over time. As a result, if you’ve been in an accident, it’s best to have a wheel alignment inspection at Repair One Auto in Klein, TX.

Failure to Maintain Your Vehicle

Preventative maintenance is vital for every part of your vehicle, and having regular wheel alignment inspection should be at the top of your list. Failure to do so can cause your wheel misalignment to get worse, which will ultimately jeopardize your safety. At the same time, having a wheel alignment in Klein, TX, can save you money by extending the life of your tires and bolstering fuel economy. In addition, having wheel alignments when required can prevent more expensive damage to other components.

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Having wheels out of alignment is much more than a simple annoyance that makes driving frustrating and challenging. It is a matter of safety. When it comes to wheel alignment, it’s imperative to have the service as it’s needed. You simply have too much riding around on your wheels.

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