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Why You Cannot Restore Stopping Power by Replacing Brake Pads Alone

Why You Cannot Restore Stopping Power by Replacing Brake Pads Alone with Repair One Auto in the Woodlands, TX; close up image of new brake pads and rotors on car in shop

If your car has poor stopping power, you’re likely thinking about getting your brake pads replaced. Although that’s the likely next step, proper brake service doesn’t end there. To fully restore the function of the braking system, your The Woodlands TX auto repair team must also service the rotors. Otherwise, you could end up back at the shop in no time flat. Here’s why.

Worn Brake Pads = Tired Rotors

Each time your brake pads squeeze against the rotors, they not only lose material, but the rotors do, too. As the pads wear down, they often deposit material on the surface of the rotor, leaving a glazed finish. Plus, the rotors may not wear down evenly across their entire surface, especially if they’ve overheated a time or two.

So, the new pads cannot properly grab the rotor surface enough to provide full stopping power without servicing the rotors. The pads may skip across the surface or just slide along as the rotor spins, potentially resulting in a collision if you cannot stop in time.

How Cutting Rotors Restores the Surface

Auto repair shops can remedy that issue by cutting the rotors when replacing the pads. To perform the rotor resurfacing process, they just have to put the rotors on a brake lathe. Then, they can skim off a small amount of metal to remove the glazing and create a proper biting surface for the pads.

However, techs cannot always resurface rotors because the lathe only removes a tiny amount of material. To determine if they can cut your rotors, your mechanic will measure them and inspect their surface. Then, they will let you know if you need to have the rotors replaced outright or if you can get them resurfaced instead.

When to Replace Brake Rotors Outright

During the inspection process, auto repair techs look for the following signs that it’s time for brake rotor replacement:

  • Big gouges in the metal
  • Uneven surface wear
  • The rotor is at its service limit

On high-performance cars, rotor replacement is a wise choice at every brake service visit. As rotors lose material, they’re more likely to heat up too much in demanding driving situations.

If they overheat, the rotors could warp, resulting in severe vibrations while moving down the roadway. Your stopping power will undoubtedly decrease at that point as well. Once that happens, you’ll have to come back into the shop to have your brakes repaired yet again.

Need Brake Repair in The Woodlands, TX?

When it comes time for brake repair in The Woodlands, TX, just call 936-271-1110 to reach our team at Repair One. We’ll help you set up the perfect time to bring your car into the shop for auto repair. During your visit, we’ll perform a thorough digital vehicle inspection plus handle any other services your vehicle needs at that time. Please feel free to reach out to us whenever you need to get your car ready for your travels.

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